Agreement for Private Piano Tuition

Fair terms for both parties

This Agreement is the way I run my business. It sets out what I believe to be fair terms and conditions which are applicable to both the teacher and the student/billpayer. 


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May I urge you to be as communicative as possible with regard to your feelings about the lessons. If you feel they are not going as you envisaged for any reason, please discuss it with me. I bring this to your attention with regard to conditions of Structure and Payment. Lessons are for your benefit and progress, and should be enjoyable for you as well as showing some real progress.
By signing this Agreement, you are agreeing to co-operate with me in your improvement at piano playing, in particular to practice in the ways I suggest. I will do all that I reasonably can to help you improve, but if I feel that you are deliberately and persistently not co-operating in this way after discussion, I may end this Agreement.
I will not enter you for competitions, exams or concerts without your consent.
To protect my reputation, you will not enter competitions, exams or concerts without my consent and full knowledge of what you are playing, even if it is a compulsory event within a school or college.
If I am forced to end this Agreement because your behaviour or the behaviour of someone connected to you makes it unsafe or unethical to continue with the tuition, a refund for any remaining lessons may not be given.
This Agreement may be terminated at any time by mutual consent, if it is confirmed in writing by both of us.

Structure and Payment 

Lessons will be given weekly during state school terms for the most part; term dates available on the Term Dates page of this site. Lessons will be invoiced per half term, at the beginning of each half term, the lesson duration corresponding to the level of the student's progression. Extra lessons, e.g. during school holidays, may be arranged at mutually agreed times. The tuition fee is £25.00 per half hour (Beginner-Grade 3), £35.00 per 45 minutes (Grades 4-6) and £45.00 per hour (Grades 7, 8, diploma and beyond.) I may increase fees in future, but you will be given enough notice to opt out of the next half term in which the increase would take effect.
If you have problems with payment for unforeseen financial reasons, please explain to me as early as possible and I will try to come to a reasonable agreement with you. If you have not had such a discussion with me, the following late payment fees will be due: If more than 5 weeks overdue, the half term invoice plus an additional 20 per cent.
During the first half term of lessons, either of us may end this Agreement without incurring payment/tuition for the following half term. N. B. Thereafter, you may end this Agreement by giving notice in writing no later than the last lesson of half term, to avoid incurring payment for the next two half terms. You may take any lessons which have been paid for even if you have given written notice of termination of this Agreement. I may end this Agreement by giving notice in writing no later than the last lesson of half term. If notice is given any later, I must still teach you for the following two half terms, if you still wish to continue. 

Missed Lessons Missing lessons for three weeks or more due to serious illness is the only exception to these statements:
You may take up to two weeks’ holiday within one whole term, as long as you give me at least two weeks’ notice in writing.
Replacement lessons should be arranged at other times if you are going away. 

At the end of the whole term, you may claim back these two lessons by making reference in writing to your cancellation date. 
I may take up to two weeks’ holiday within a given term, as long as I give you at least two weeks’ notice in writing. In the same way as above, replacement lessons should be arranged.
In the unlikely event that I forget an agreed lesson time and am not here when you arrive for your lesson, you will of course not lose your fee for that lesson, and the replacement lesson may be at a reduced cost. 
If you miss, or have to cancel, a lesson outside the agreed notice, you will lose the fee for that lesson because replacement lessons may not be offered. If there happens to be a convenient time slot available I may occasionally be in a position to offer a replacement but it is not obligatory nor usual in these circumstances. If you refuse to accept any time slots offered and it was due to you that the original lesson was cancelled, you will lose the fee for that lesson.
Because of the nature of my career, being a practitioner of the profession as well as a teacher, I may have performing , examining or adjudicating engagements abroad or elsewhere in the UK. In these circumstances there will either be a replacement teacher for that lesson, or a replacement lesson time. If (rarely) neither of these things can happen then you will receive a lesson refund. 

Once a replacement lesson has been mutually agreed, it is treated as a scheduled lesson with regard to the conditions of Missed Lessons.