Results from students who have taken ABRSM practical piano exams - it is important to highlight that it is the choice of the student whether or not they would like to take exams. If they do choose to do so, we do our best to prepare them thoroughly so they can go into their exam with confidence. It is also important to us that we put students in at the appropriate grade which reflects the level they have reached, or are reaching, in their playing. They will generally not be done in a chain, because expansion of technique and repertoire in between grades is necessary. Also, graded exams should be seen as personal goals. They are not a competition with any other person (though competitions can be sought out and entered if students wish!), and should not be taken in relation to any age, or outside pressure. Students who do not take exams are still encouraged to prepare for end-of-term performances, and their progress is every bit as important to us as those taking exams. 

The highest award for an Associated Board exam is Distinction. This means the student has passed with over 130 marks out of 150. Only a very small percentage of ABRSM piano exam students achieve Distinctions. The second highest award is Merit, which means the student has passed with over 120 marks out of 150. There are relatively few candidates who achieve a Merit. To gain a Pass, a student must achieve at least 100 marks out of 150. We have never had a student of ours fail an exam.


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Some music schools have one 'exam time' per year, whereas we prefer to enter each student as an individual when they are ready. Therefore we do not have group visits but use a centre for exams in the local area, and exams are spread out over the three terms of the year.

Spring 2017

2 Distinctions

Autumn 2016

2 Distinctions; 1 Merit

Spring 2016

1 Distinction; 4 Merits

Summer 2015

1 Distinction; 1 Merit

Spring 2015

4 Distinctions

Autumn 2014

2 Distinctions

Summer 2014

1 Merit

Autumn 2013

2 Distinctions; 2 Merits; 1 Pass

Summer 2013

2 Distinctions

Spring 2013

1 Distinction

Autumn 2012

2 Distinctions; 3 Merits

Summer 2012

6 Distinctions; 4 Merits; 5 Passes

Spring 2012

3 Distinctions; 2 Merits

Autumn 2011

8 Distinctions; 1 Pass

Summer 2011

4 Distinctions; 2 Merits

Spring 2011

4 Distinctions; 3 Merits

Summer 2010

4 Distinctions

Spring 2010

1 Distinction

Autumn 2009 -

2 Distinctions; 1 Pass

Summer 2009 - 

3 Distinctions; 3 Merits; 1 Pass

Spring 2009 ~ 

2 Distinctions; 1 Merit

Summer 2008 ~ 

1 Distinction; 2 Merits

Autumn 2007 ~

2 Merits

Spring 2007 ~ 

1 Distinction; 2 Merits