Real Props


The props on this page are "real" hard items and would make impressionable pieces in any horror film. All these items can be rented out for your film and most of them can be duplicated (in whole or in part) into a "foam" or "plastic" prop version.

Antique " Hay Harpoon "

This 3" foot long, 12 lb, solid iron beast can be hand held like a gatling gun; one hand on the body, the other wrapped around the circular handle with your finger around the trigger. Then just lift the trigger,  thrust the entire carriage into the body and the harpoon tongs jut out the tip ready for some serious bodily harm.

The GREATEST farm tool NEVER USED in a horror movie!

Cast iron abattoir meat hooks 

These authentic antique hooks come in three sizes, the longest being a whooping 3' feet!


Abattoir butcher's knife 
This gorgeous, authentic, antique butcher's knife measures a threatening 16.5" inches and has stunning natural wear from years of chopping meat.

Antique Oak mallet 
At nearly 16" inches in length, this vintage solid Oak mallet would be a force to reckon with!!

Abattoir bone saw 
One can well imagine the distress that this authentic - beautifully restored - beast could create.

Fabric shears of HORROR !! 
The biggest shears that you will ever find. Period.
At a menacing 14" inches in length, these huge shears are more like swords with circular handles. 
Two versions: old and rusty or still looking steely. 

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..... more deadly looking stuff to come  !!!!