Fake Prop Fabrication

Foam & Plastic & Metal  PROPS

Lethal Hardware

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Hog Fillet Knife
Cut and reshaped antique saw handle with the addition of old upholstery rivets in handle and a double-edged
cutting tool fashioned into the bottom end of the handle. This fabricated tool works as follows.
While holding the knife in the standard fashion, one uses the small vertical blade to cut an initial incision up the length of the hog.
The long-blade is then used to completely fillet the carcass through the incised cut. If during the butchering any
tendon or ligaments get in the way, the cerated round blade is then used to slice through them. All these actions
can be done while holding the knife in the usual horizontal fashion.

Machette props with hand woven handles. 

Hollow plastic machetes with stained twine woven grips.

Fillet Saw 

Old antique saw blade with hand-made wooden handle; antiqued and distressed with bolts, tin grip, and knob.

Cannibal Katana
A rusted and corroded 32 inch piece metal filed at one end into a blade tip. The metal blade then fashioned
between a hand-made handle that was then aged and distressed.

Cannibal butcher knife 
Large rusted metal can flattened and form over interior metal support, and then fashioned
onto an old wooden handle.

Cannibal butcher's cleaver 
Rusted old tin can flattened and formed into blade over an interior metal rod (for support). Hand-made handle accented
with stained gauze and wire.

Cannibal shuriken 

Two antique hedge-trimmer blades dissected and re-fashioned into a shuriken,
with hand-made handle accented with rusted wire and a twine-wrapped grip.

Butcher's razor 

16 inches opened. Hand carved wood with rusted bolt accessories. 

The Cadaver Cleaver 
Cut & sculpted entirely from heavy foam core board, with burlap and wire accessories.
Painted with various acrylics, sprays, and shellac.

Hand Scythe
Plastic prop re-paint

Battle Axe
Plastic prop re-paint

The Mallets
Cast in plastic from a silicone mold of a real mallet. See below.