Antique violin case

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Customized Violin Case 

Once a pretty new, well looked after violin case with red velvet interior was customized and transformed into this antique carry case. Customizing work began with:

- removal of the red velvet lining down to the wooden frame
- removal of the cross bridge that held the violin neck
- removal of bow supports above.

The interior was then re-lined throughout using an antique brown, textured weaved paper as seen in the finished product here. 

To add further character, aging and staining was added to the paper around seams and edges, and top and bottom.

The original fasteners were also antiqued and the handle re-upholstered with same textured weave paper, then aged and stained along with the outer shell.

A new wooden bridge (the full height of the case) was added to support a wooden flap and rusty hinges of the new front compartment for a wallet, keys, etc.