Blood and Trauma

Blood and Trauma EFX

Photo Session: 
-  prosthetic piece done in gelatin

Music video
-  prop hammer made of foam and painted to look like the original.

Short Film:  Into the Woods (2010)
-  slit throat down in silicone

Short Film:  A Portion For Jackals (2010)
-  Leg gash  / trauma
-  Dead Body in the woods. Skin breakdown (mottled dead skin & blood) make-up. Wax head wound piece applied by Paul.

Short Film:  
Friends and Enemies (2010)
-  character tied to chair and repeatedly punched until cut and bloody

Short Film:  Red Circle (2009)
-  gun shot wound (cleaned up - forensic version)

Short Film:  Skater's Edge (2009)
-  laceration caused by hockey stick slashing
- injury stitched on-screen 

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Various incisions.
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Slit wrist using a prosthetic (dry version).
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Bloody version.

No matter HOW CLOSE you want to zoom.... we still make'm squirm!!!

Full face breakdown make-up with blood residue and scar application.

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