Burn (Compression) mask

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Burn Compression Mask

A faux antique burn compression mask. Such masks were used on burn victims in order to keep their damaged skin in place during the long recovery process. Of course, we took some artistic license with this and made it look more like something you would find in the house of a backwoods cannibal clan rather than something that might actually have appeared in an 18th century hospital. Then again, one never knows. 

This mask was made from stiff burlap, the kind used for antique chair seats. It was cut and stitched before being formed around a head cast with fabric hardener. The buckles, leather trim, and inside were then attached and then antiqued and distressed to give the mask a well-used, burn blood stained look.

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Shown on a mannequin prop head.

A piece made for as photographer in the U.K.