Doll props

Antique Doll Props 

Need to RENT an alluring doll or just a doll head for your next film? 
Maybe one of these little darlings will suit your needs!


a broken porcelain doll found at a garage sale... now re-painted and antiqued throughout, from her dirty, dusty looking hair, to her clothes, and right down to her blood stained feet. Oh... and we did remove the eyes and give them a bit of a zombie paint job.

Three-foot porcelain doll (head, fore arms, and legs below the knee ) with a cloth body that I have completely customized with antiqued bandage wraps, old straps, twine stitching, buttons, and burlap to give her a lovingly creepy Gothic medical look.
Original doll paint and eye work by doll master, Judy Warren.

ALEX  (head only - 6 inches)
This is an authentic antique doll head from Chile. Beautiful hair, and eyes that open and close. 
She would make a great addition to any creepy doll cabinet or as a forgotten toy in an old bedroom.

Timmy  (head only -  4.5 inches)
Another authentic antique doll head, with open & closing eyes, strange little teeth, and with gorgeous cracking skin.
Is he a little creeper or what?

Hansel and Gretel  (heads only  -  6 inches)
Late 50s' antique rubber doll heads with wooden base for neck / body fitting.

Blinky  (head only  -  4 inches)
Antique hard doll head with dismounted eye assembly that makes for a creepy set of peepers, either open or closed.

Baby Chester  (head only  -  3.7 inches)
Circa 50s' antique hard doll head with neck base for body mounting. Very scary stare and haunting to look at, eyes open or closed.