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Work Experience 

Humber College   (on-going - part-time) 
-  film make-up and special effects instructor

One-of-a-Kind Mask / Custom work:  Hamilton Tiger Cat fan mask

One-of-a-Kind Mask / Custom work
:  Dark Night of the Scarecrow Replica mask
-  all hand-painted /sculpted / stitched burlap with resin applied for facial firming.
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I GO OFF  (drama segment for D12 rap video)  (2011)
-  aging, skin surface roughening, skin carving
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Enemee  (short film)  (props / efx) (2011)

-  skin breakdown, aging, gun shot exit wound
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Blood Meridan  (music video)   (2011)
-  goth make-up

Distasteful Distrust  (drama segment used in music video)  (props / efx)  (2011)

-  props and gore
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Mind Over Murder  (Rock video)  (Make-up) (2011)

-  beauty make-up
-  zombie girls
-  ethnic transformation (White to Middle Eastern)
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Pathetic  (Make-up) (2011)

-  breakdown make-up - drug addict.
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Into the Woods  (Make-up and Props) (2010)
-  breakdown make-up - aging, facial distress, slit throat, plague infection
- Props:  large rat, rotted heads, 13th century death seeker masks
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       Resident Evil - AfterLife   (2010)    Paul Jones EFX Studio
       -  prop body alteration - armature construction, fitting, etc
       -  rotted corpse builder & painter
       -  foam latex zombie appliance painting

Web Series:  Mr. Serial Killer   Ep. Mr. Spontaneous (2010)     (make-up and props)
-  prop painting & modification.
-  prosthetics
more pics to come.

Short Film: The Last King (2010)      (Key Make-up artist)       
breakdown make-up (sun damage, scars, cuts, abrasions, gashes EFX)
   for a cast of 30 actors.
-  prosthetics
-  props
SEE the Sikh warriors make-up up-close here: 
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Short Film: A Portion For Jackals (2010)      (Key Make-up artist)     
       -  Four-stage lost-in-the-wild sun burnbreakdown make-up 
       -  Leg wound 
       -  Dead body make-up
       -  Bruising
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Short Film: 
 Day of the Living (2010)

        -  sculpting and gelatin prosthetics
       -  straight beauty 
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(neck appliance shot during application process)

Short Film:  ORDERS (2010) 
        -  sculpting and gelatin prosthetics
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Short Film: 
 Quick Suitors (2010)

        -  breakdown and casualty make-up
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Short Film:  Beware Pickpocket (2010) BEST SHORT FILM Hamilton Film Festival
-  straight make-up - prosthetics - extreme casualty / facial trauma
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SEE for more pictures in the  Bruises, Blood, & Trauma gallery 
WATCH some on-set footage  (copy & paste in browser)

Short Film:  Road Kill (2010)
-  straight make-up, beauty make-up.

Short Film:
 Friends and Enemies  (2010)
-  straight make-up
-  extreme post "beaten & bloody" make-up   
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Short Film:  Love Lines  (2009)
-  aging make-up  (making a 25 year old  look  35 years old... and heavier with only make-up )
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Short Film:  Red Circle  (2009)
              -  freshly shot and bloody version gun shot prosthetics
       -  drug addict make-up
              - forensic lab, one-hour later clean-up version (below)
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Short Film:    The Skater's Edge  (2009)
-  straight make-up, bruise effects
-  open (head) wound prosthetic with real needle sewing
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Abalak Prod. / Bravo TV production "The Apostles"  (2009)
- straight make-up, and beard and mustache applications

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