Callawassie Sales

Callawassie Sales was founded by Joe Tatarski in 2015 to Promote the Sale of Lots and Building of Homes when Callawassie Island was mired in the doldrums of the real estate bust, and challenges of delinquent members.

In 2019 Joe formed his own real estate brokerage Beaufort Communities, with the intent to broaden the exposure of Callawassie Island.

Tirelessly championing building programs for years, Joe and The Salt Marsh Group was well poised when Callawassie Island establish a Builders' Program in 2020, which led to a Sales and Building Boom in 2022. As you drive around Callwawasie Island you will see their numerous construction signs. and addresses no longer support live property listings.
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Joe Tatarski served on the CIPOA Board From 2009 to 2015. He was instrumental in the Rekindling of Callawassie Island's Marketing Program in 2011, establishing Coastal Real Estate Solutions as Sales Agents in 2012, and working since with Callawassie Island GM Jeff Spencer the regarding building programs. After leaving the board, Joe become a Realtor in 2015, establishing Callawassie Sales. As broker, he established a real estate office, Beaufort Communities in 2019. Using this, he brought together The Salt Marsh Group and established a building program which fortuitiously was ready to go when the Callawassie Island Builders' Program was announced.

Having satisfied his goals, Joe has decided to move on to be close to family. The real estate websites of and with live listings have been decommissioned.

Joe Tatarski will continue to maintain his SC real estate license and Beaufort Communities brokerage until activity no longer warrants. He is now licensed as an agent and Broker of Joseph Tatarski Realty in Georgia.

This informational website, created years ago to inform Callawassie Island Owners of marketing and sales history and activities, has been updated to provide landing pages for well established web addresses, should the need arise to reactivte them.

  • The Home Page has been renamed Callawassie Sales, the landing page for

  • Beaufort Communities was added as the landing page for Beaufort

  • The Salt Marsh Group page was added as the landing page for

Otherwise the site remains as it was in 2019. Many might find the history and information interesting.