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Bidhan Kumar Bhaumik (alias Dr.B.K.Bhaumik)  worked at the Health Physics Unit (HPU) of Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC), Department of Atomic Energy, at Salt Lake city, Kolkata. He joined HPU on 9th December, 2013. He retired from VECC on 30th Jume, 2015.   
Prior to his joining at HPU, he was Incharge of Physics Group engaged in a part of the 'Uranium Exploration' programme of DAE.  Gamma ray spectrometry of rocks and borehole gamma logging were the principal assignments besides carrying out research work on "Data Processing and Interpretation" for purposes of 'Uranium Exploration'.  He was also the Coordinator of "Emergency Response Centre - New Delhi" to act as 'First Responder to Radiological Emergencies'. It is one of 22 such centers spread throughout India. 
Dr.B.K.Bhaumik held the post of Incharge Physics Group since 15 October 1991 when he assumed the charge for Eastern Region at Kolkata.  He joined the Group at Delhi in November 2005. He joined AMD on 30th April, 1983 at its HQs at the group called CDPU, Computer Data Processing Unit.

Before his joining to AMD, he was at ECSU (Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit) of the ISI (Indian Statistical Institute), Kolkata, India  where he worked as 'Research Scholar' during 1980 - 1983. During this period he worked on 'speech processing and recognition' aspect of Artificial Intelligence under Prof.D.Dutta Majumder and also in association with A.K.Dutta and Anuradha Roy (currently Associate Prof. at The Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, Department of Management Science and Statistics). He had his M.Sc in 1979 from Kolkata university in the discipline "Pure Physics" with specialization in Electronics.

He got Ph.D (physics) degree awarded by the Osmania University, Hyderbad, India after 10 years in 1989 for the thesis "Computer aided pattern recognition and its applications with special reference to radiometric prospecting". The thesis was adjudged as an 'original contribution'.

Address : 204 Harsha Tower
               12A/1 U.K.Sen Lane
               Kolkata-700 030.



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