Berthier Campaign Manager

Free software to help run wargame campaigns

Current Berthier Version: 10.11.1   Release Date: 23 March 2023


Berthier software manages wargames campaigns for miniatures. Berthier is a generic campaign engine that is suitable for historical, naval or fantasy wargaming in most periods. Berthier allows two campaigners, without an umpire, to run simple strategic campaigns leading to tabletop battles. Alternatively umpires can use Berthier to run two sided campaigns.  It is also suitable for solo play.  

Berthier is an small stand alone MS Windows program which works "straight out of the box" with no installation necessary.


Berthier may be downloaded from the Download Section at the bottom of this web page. Click this link -

Source: Sullivan's Island campaign created by Steve-the-Wargamer.


Berthier creates 'fog of war' by concealing the movement of the two opposing forces. Berthier does this by automating the movement and tracking of unit positions on any campaign map that has been overlayed with a map grid and given grid reference numbers. Enemy units are only seen when they come within reconnaissance range.

Berthier allows each map square to be nominated as a specific terrain type with unit movement restricted by the type of underlying terrain.

Berthier accommodates up to 27 campaign units per side.

Movement is alternate with each side moving all its units in its movement phase by issuing orders to units. Berthier determines the best route and moves the units. Units can also be ordered to transport other units. When opposing units enter the same square Berthier indicates that contact has been made. Contacts can then be gamed out on the wargames table or with Berthier's combat resolution function. Units can scout nearby squares. The campaign can be saved at any time and re-commenced later.

Screen Shots          Tutorial     A Solo Campaign Write-up

Other features of Berthier include:


Berthier comes with a utility called 'GridMap'. With GridMap you can take a topographical map in BMP file format, mark it up very quickly with a Berthier terrain grid and then generate a campaign file that can be loaded by Berthier. This makes moving from a topographical map to Berthier campaign very easy.


I really enjoy hearing about how people are using Berthier - you might like to share your campaign files and campaign history with me.


Download the Latest Windows Version of Berthier

Click here to download Berthier (~7 mb)    

Known problem with the Help files (Berthier.chm, GridMap.chm) caused by downloading

Problem: The right pane where the text must be rendered is white blank.

Solution: After downloading, right-click the chm file, select properties, then click “Unblock”.

Texture Files Download

Additional textures can be found here - Additional Textures.


Other Operating Systems

It is possible to run Berthier under other operating systems - Mac OS, Linux etc. See here

Last Windows version using the old navigation method

Click here to download version 9.13 of Berthier.

This is the version before Berthier switched to using a Windows menu bar for navigation.

MSDOS Version

Click here to download older MSDOS version of Berthier (~1.5 mb)

This is the much older and original MSDOS version of Berthier. If your operating system is MSDOS, Mac OS X, Linux or BEOS you can use this version. See here on how to do this for Mac OS X, Linux or BEOS in conjunction with the DOSBOX DOS emulator. The MSDOS version of Berthier can be run in a DOS window under Windows/95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP.


Traffic Light      A Berthier front-end to allow campaigning across the internet using a cloud storage service.

MatchBox         A lightweight campaign manager based on the Berthier Campaign Manager engine that emulates the "old school" matchbox method of hidden movement.

AWIRules         Computer moderated rules for American War of Independence wargames.

ShipBase II ShipBase II by David Ferris' compiled to run as native 32-bit Windows program.

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