MatchBox Wargame Campaign Manager

Perhaps the most successful and best known system of map-moving in a manner that can be successfully carried out by two players lacking the services of an umpire is the Matchbox method.

Donald Featherstone, “War Games Campaigns”, 1970.

MatchBox harks back to the early days of wargame campaigning where hidden movement was achieved by moving unit tokens through chest-of-drawers of matchboxes that had been glued together. When a player’s and their opponent’s tokens turned up in the same matchbox, contact had been made. The miniatures would come out and the contact gamed out on the table. MatchBox duplicates the "matchbox method" in software.

MatchBox is a lightweight campaign manager based on the Berthier Campaign Manager engine.


Download MatchBox

Version 1.4    March 2024

MatchBox is a stand alone Windows application.

There is no specific set-up required after the package has been unzipped.


Berthier Campaign Management Software  


Source: Tony Bath,“Setting up a Wargames Campaign”, 1973.