Renaissance Survivor

Who is the Most Influential Figure of the Renaissance? 

"Survivor: The Renaissance"

Renaissance, Reformation, Exploration, and Expansion

Our entire class has been chosen for the next version of the popular television reality show, “Survivor: The Renaissance.”  This exciting game show will take place right here in class.  An amazing award will be offered to the winner.

In this scenario there will be rounds of debate placing three competitors together at Renaissance Counsel where the class of culturally enriched individuals will decide who will be voted “off the island.”

You will become the individual that you select from the “Who Am I” activity and then research and speak about his/her merits as


You will then go to Renaissance Counsel against someone from another tribe.  It is vital that you find out the “dirt” about your competition.  Slanderous, historical mudslinging is encouraged.  You must convince the audience (your class), that the OTHER two contestants are NOT WORTHY of the title “THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON ON THIS ISLAND.”


You will divided up into Tribes who will be provided a list of Famous and Important Renaissance Figures. Each Tribe will be given a list that is a mix of people from various categories that each contributed to the expansion of knowledge, learning and understanding of this time period and well beyond. The categories include:
  1. Artists

  2. Inventors/Entrepreneurs/Scientists

  3. Religious Figure

  4. Explorers/Heroes

  5. Political Leaders/Thinkers

Your Missions

Mission 1- Meet and Greet
Mission 2- Group Presentation and Challenge
Mission 3- Tribal Challenge
Mission 4- Tribal Council

Evaluations- You will be provided with rubrics along with way for the different missions.  You will also be able to earn individual or group points based on performance on various tasks and challenges throughout.
Example- You can earn daily points for your efforts in researching your person.  

The following is just an overview of the tasks outlined to provide you with an overreaching understanding of the project.  The directions and expectations are outlined in more detail on the links on the right and on class handouts. 

Mission 1- Meet and Greet

Task 1- Quick Research -

Your Tribe has been provided a list of Renaissance Personalities. 
This list includes more people than you have members in your group.

Your first task is to decide who you will keep in your group and who doesn't make your team.  

To do this you will do some quick research to determine what the individuals are most well known for.  You will then come back to your group and propose whether or not this
person should be kept or eliminated from your team roster. 

 Task 2- Detailed Information Research

Each member of your tribe now has a person they will comprehensively research.

See the Directions for the research.

Task 3- Poster

Each student will create an informational poster to teach the rest of class about your Renaissance persona. The specifics are listed on the directions sheets for the activity.


Mission 2- Group Presentation and Challenge
Activity 2 Directions

Task 1- Group Presentation

Task 2- Challenge

Chapters 17-22 have information that could be useful

Look at the directions for guiding questions that were added

 for your research

Look at the rubrics to guide you in your process of creating 

your products

make sure both are accessible - anyone with the link

Make a copy of the file below and submit it on the form
Group Log Form

Renaissance ACT 2 Presentation ‎(Responses)‎

Mission 3- Tribal Challenge/Preparation for Tribal Council 

Task 1- Research Opponents

Task 2- Opening statements

Task 3- Questions for Opponents

Voting - based on what was presented, not who the student is that is presenting, or what you know about the Renaissance person. You will vote based on who did the best job of presenting their information. 

Renaissance Brackets

Mission 4- Tribal Council

This is the presentation and debate activity designed to help us determine who should move on in our tournament of best of the Renaissance.

Set up: 

Opening Statements - 2 minutes to introduce your person and provide ideas why your opponent doesn't measure up

Question and Answer - You have the opportunity to ask your opponents 4 questions each. Prepare for this section- you will know your opponents in advance and should develop questions for them to assist you in your debate. 

Closing Statements 60 seconds

Tribal Challenge- whoever does the best job of presenting why they kept or eliminated people earns _________