Brush Cutter

ED 350

ED350 brush cutter

Displacement, cm3: 33.6

Idle Speed, rpm: 2600-2800

Max. Engine Output, hp/ rpm: 1,7 / 7000

Clutch System: Heavy-duty Automatic Centrifugal

Starting System: Automatic Recoil Starter

Ignition System: IC Controlled Flywheel Magneto

Spark Plug: NGK BPM6A or Equivalent

Fuel Tank Capacity, litre: 0,8

Premixed Leadless Gasoline/ 2-Stroke Oil (Mixture: 25:1)

Carburetor: Float type

Operation Pipe::

Operating Pipe Diameter, mm: 28 Aluminum Pipe

Euro Handle type : Trigger Asymmetric-Grip with Throttle Lock

Asia-pacific Handle type: Fingers Turn Bike-Handle

Stopping switch: Thumb Push-Off

Blade & Accessory::

Blade Rotating Direction: Counter-Clockwise as viewed from operator.

Cutting width: 17" (43 cm)

Strap: Single (Dual or Full Harness Optional)

Tools Kit, Manual include

Shipping Info::

Dry Weight, lbs.: 15.2

Shipping Weight, lbs.: 18.73

Buyer Label Offered, OEM and Design Service Offered

Trade term::

FOB Taiwan: US $ 69.00-139.00

# Due to fluctuation of exchange rate & products can be customized, quotation valid day is 14 days.