Membership Committee


To increase membership with qualified individuals who are interested in ACUW’s vision and mission in perpetuating the Chinese culture and participating in the organization’s charitable, community service, and educational activities.

Here’s the history of ACUW.  Twelve college classmates founded ACUW in 1931.  Today, it is a non-profit corporation with approximately 168 members ranging from 20’s to 80’s years.   We are proud to have many multi-generation members. ACUW focuses on furthering cultural, social and intellectual development of its members and Chinese community by promoting and participating in worthwhile community projects that are non-partisan and non-commercial.  

There are four General Membership luncheon meetings annually, held on the first Saturday of February, April, July, and October.  In addition to a $20 Initiation Fee for New Members, Annual Dues (prorated for new members) of $45.00 are applied toward luncheon meetings and publication of five ACUW bulletins. $12.00 is assessed for paper bulletin requested.  We support paperless communication when possible.

Alternating years an annual spring fundraiser is held to raise monies for college scholarships.  Several scholarships are granted to worthy Chinese students or students interested in the Chinese culture in recognition of their excellence in middle and high school.  Proceeds are also donated to the Palolo Chinese Home.  

Special events include Family Event, Christmas installation and Cultural activities.  Cultural events for the community include demonstrations, workshops, and displays of Chinese Folk Art and various aspects of the Chinese culture.

ACUW also published three cookbooks and three Chinese Traditions books.  The “Traditions of Living”, volumes I and II, and “Chinese Women Pioneers in Hawaii” are used and read extensively by those interested in Chinese culture and traditions.

If you are interested in the Chinese culture, have a desire to help perpetuate it and if you are a graduate of an accredited 4-year college, please complete the attached Membership Application and return it with your sponsors’ endorsements as soon as possible.  [Note:  You may be able to complete the form on the computer, but if not, please print legibly.]