Hawaii History Day State Fair Award

Hawaii History Day State Fair Award – Colleen Pang-Wong

April 24, 2021

During the Hawaii History Day public/virtual State Fair Awards Ceremony, the Associated Chinese University Women Award for an outstanding project in Chinese or Chinese-American History – was given to:

Student: Tiffany Tolentino

Junior Exhibit Project; Mandarin Chinese: the Unifying Language Teacher: Anthony Casciano

School: Waipahu Intermediate School

Robin Jones, from the Hawaii Council for the Humanities, wrote: The April 24 live state celebration was the culmination of an enormous amount of hard work and dedication from our entire community: students, teachers, judges, our Hawaii History Day Youth Council, and our Hawaii History Day staff. And last, but not least, our Community Award sponsors - who recognized these efforts with their generous support and awards.

You can view the State Video awards at: https://hihumanities.org/what-we-do/hi- history-day/