Hawaii History Day State Fair Award

Hawaii History Day

One Child Too Many: A Frontier in China's Population presented by 10th graders Ava Ignacio and Dylan Matsui (teacher Sean Wagner) from Waiakea High School won ACUW's award for Hawai'i History Day on April 15, 2023.  Even more exciting news is that they placed first and are national qualifiers in the senior performance category.  Consistent with ACUW's mission, this award for an outstanding project in Chinese or Chinese-American history has been sponsored for more than 16 years and initiated by Lois Mui, the daughter of one of the founders of our association. 

Here's a link to the video: https://youtu.be/1eGnsPfyQDY

Colleen Pang-Wong, ACUW's Hawai'i History Day liaison

Hawaii History Day State Fair Award – Colleen Pang-Wong

April 24, 2021

During the Hawaii History Day public/virtual State Fair Awards Ceremony, the Associated Chinese University Women Award for an outstanding project in Chinese or Chinese-American History – was given to:

Student: Tiffany Tolentino

Junior Exhibit Project; Mandarin Chinese: the Unifying Language Teacher: Anthony Casciano

School: Waipahu Intermediate School

Robin Jones, from the Hawaii Council for the Humanities, wrote: The April 24 live state celebration was the culmination of an enormous amount of hard work and dedication from our entire community: students, teachers, judges, our Hawaii History Day Youth Council, and our Hawaii History Day staff. And last, but not least, our Community Award sponsors - who recognized these efforts with their generous support and awards. 

You can view the State Video awards at: https://hihumanities.org/what-we-do/hi- history-day/