Goat Cheese Farm Tour July 25, 2020


“This was an interesting unique tour. I learned so much about goats and cheeses and farms, too! The family business is hard work. I loved the tour and listening to how the goats were raised, milked, and fed.” Sandy Lee

“I had a wonderful time. Hana hou!Sandi Shiroma

“The goats were so cute and friendly; the facility was super clean and cheeses onolicious.” Lottie Chun

“Yes, it was great to do something outdoors. My grandchildren enjoyed feeding the goats.” Edwina Lee

Touring Sweet Land Farm was both educational and fun! This family-run business inspired by Emma Bello was beyond awesome. One hundred-and-fifty does (female goats) are milked twice-a-day, each goat having been hand-raised and given a name. All their food is grown on the acreage, and goats are bred every year for the sustainable future. All this is a family-supported passion with lots of unending work. . .and we’re not “kidding!”

Emma’s dad, Eric, pointed out that ACUW women have something in common with the does. . . .we both grow beards---some of us anyway.

Due to COVID-19, this tour had to be rescheduled to July 25th when twenty-two “masked” ACUW members, families and friends toured the farm in two groups to maintain social-distancing. Afterwards, thirteen of us chowed down at Cholo’s---a Haleiwa restaurant with amazing Mexican food. Their comfortable outdoor seating, refreshing drinks, salsa & chips, and authentic Mexican food had us “baaaaing” to return---maybe if we can get the Sunflower Farm to contact us for “Sunsetwith the Sunflowers” in October.

If there is enough interest for Goat Cheese Farm Tour II, we could arrange another tour of the farm in January 2021, after the goat kids are born. Our human kids and grandkids would have a great time petting and feeding the goats, learning about farming, and sampling a smorgasbord of goat cheeses. To make this happen, we will need a group of 20-30. Let US (ANNA & SHARI) know if you’re interested! Baaaaaaaa…..