Hawaii Regional Scholastic Arts Awards 2021

Hawaii Regional Scholastic Arts Awards – Jade Penn

March 2021

2021 was ACUW’s First Participation in the Hawaii Regional Scholastic Art Awards. Five of our committee members met in the State Art Foundation gallery at 11:00 am on March 13, 2021. We received warm greetings and a tour by the foundation’s Project Manager, Kamakani Konia, a long-time art teacher from St. Andrew’s Priory, Larry Prado, and his wife, Christine, a supporter. They provided great help to us to understand the 58th Annual Scholastic Art’s 235 artwork pieces that were on display in the gallery, and we were also given the history of the Scholastic Art competition and awards. We learned a lot from them, and we were very thankful to have their support.

We completed our selections for three (3) awards at one hundred-dollar ($100.00) each to senior high school students and two (2) awards at fifty dollars ($50.00) each to junior high school students. Our ACUW logo was printed on each award certificate. The recipients were: Cade Tanaka for “Brittle Boy” (Iolani School); Lexi Berganio for “Jellyfish” (Iolani School); Ashley Yu for “COVID-19 Depression” (Stevenson Middle School); HannahYoshizawa for “Keeper of the Woods” (Iolani School); Khaira May Leigh Magana for “Lonesome Christmas (Wahiawa Middle School).

Thank you for all your support - Jade Penn, Maura Yee, Jennifer Tseu, Edwina Lee, and Debra Lew-Wong