Pillow-Making for Hospice 2020

December 3, 2020


Operation “Pillow-making” got underway the early-morning hours of December 3, 2020. The first wave of masked ACUW members stormed the Navian Hawaii headquarters, armed with “hypersonic” sewing machines, “deadly” needles and a “thermostatic” clothes iron.

With military precision (and “social-distancing”), these Special Forces cranked out pillow after pillow. Known only by their code names, Edwina Lee (CUTTER-1), and later Susan Lee (CUTTER-2), measured and cut fabric; Sandi Shiroma (STITCH) machine-stitched the ends of the fabric; Pat Hubbard (STUFFER) filled each pillow with fiber-fill; Anna Chang (IRON MASK) cut and ironed the Navian logos; and Shari Lee-Huntoon (TERMINATOR) closed each pillow and added to the ever-growing pile of pillows. Working non-stop and living off of healthy bento rations, the team plowed on.

By day’s end, 132 new pillows were dispatched to provide care and comfort to many Navian hospice patients.

Behind the scenes Lola Fu and Florence Poon supported the operation from their homes, making and preparing 65 pillows each.

Many thanks to the members who risked “danger” to gather together to bring joy and comfort to Navian patients!


Navian Hawaii’s hospice patients run through 60 to 70 pillows each month, and the 132 pillows will be gone in a matter of months. We will be organizing another PILLOW-MAKING “operation” on January 14, 2021, (Thursday) at Navian HI. If anyone would like to pre-sew pillows in advance of the January session, please contact SHARI LEE- HUNTOON or ANNA CHANG. Fabric can be picked up at Navian Hawaii (860 Iwilei Road, across from Institute of Human Services).