Introductory Flight on Light Aircraft

Throughout the year, we propose for 110€ (*) a discovery flying lesson "Hold the Stick", where you are in command, under the guidance of the flight instructor (who will of course take care of take-off and landing).

This one hour fiftween minutes introductory lesson to flight training will give you the chance to experience piloting a general aviation aircraft.

One objective is to discover all the stages of a flight. The training session includes:

  • A Piloting principles explanation on the ground

  • A 30-minute flight (**) to practice on the two-seater school plane.

It is also possible to do this discovery flight on the four-seater plane (110 €), but we recommend the two-seater plane for discovery flights

Discovery Steps

    • Ground Training:

      • How to gain altitude or descend?

      • How to change direction?

      • How to fly straight?

      • How to taxi on the ground and brake?

      • Safety: pre-flight inspection, engine test, checklist

      • Radio procedures

      • Take off

      • Traffic Pattern and Landing

  • In the aircraft:

    • The handling on the ground,

    • Taxiing, Engine tests, Takeoff,

    • The flight itself,

    • The traffic pattern and landing, the stop in the parking

    • The administrative formalities at the end of the flight.

Our school plane

Plane's panel

(*) Prices:

Prices are valid 1st January 2022. Please check.