Introductory Flight on Ultralight Aircraft

Throughout the year, we propose a discovery flying lesson "Hold the Stick" with a flight instructor, where you are in command, under the guidance of the instructor (who will of course take care of take-off and landing). 

This one hour introductory lesson to flight training will give you the chance to experience piloting a 3-axis Ultralight aircraft

One objective is to discover all the stages of a flight. The training session includes: 

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Discovery Steps

Ultralight aircraft used for Discovery Flights

The Ultralight aircraft used for discovery flights is a Pioneer 200: an 80hp low-wing aircraft well equipped and efficient (180km/h cruise speed), with a "bubble" canopy that provides an excellent visibility. It is equipped with a safety cell parachute

(*) Flying time:

Regulation defines "Flight time" as the time between the moment the aircraft moves for take-off, until it comes to a complete stop at the end of the flight. On average, taxiing takes about 5 minutes. The effective duration of the flight is therefore approximately 25 minutes