Physics & Engineering Projects

To start the discussion please send email to sheinli [at] yahoo dot com. Please send below information in your first email

1) Full name and gender

2) Date of birth

3) School name, address and current level of study if relevent

4) Town, province, country

5) Email address

6) Reason why you want to take part in the project

The design you created will be your own. It is not necessary to show the design in this website.

Project 2 (13 Oct 2009)

Using your Science and Arts knowledge design a concept of living for families of peoples. The concept or design should fulfil the following requirement:-

- Basic human needs

- The needs to conserve the environment (think about the size of human and other populations and size of our planet)

- Minimum maintenance

- Also suitable for the areas regularly getting earthquake, storm, flood, fire, and any other natural disaster we know of

Project 1 (21 May 2009)

To create a simple to moderately complex mechanism in two dimension that can be designed and planned using entirely of Newtonian Mechanics.

If energy/power input is necessary it must be purely human power. Individuals or small teams are welcome to produce their own answer for the project.

I will act like an external team member to discuss and advise on the process starting from setting goal until close to the final stage.


- To be able to design a mechanism which is useful in real life

- To demonstrate a proper way of thinking process using relevant laws and concepts of Newton

- To produce at least hand made diagrams, all steps of reasoning and calculation and proof of success

- If possible to produce physical or virtual model of the final design