Shein's resume

Certificates & Skills:

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering
2nd class Marine Engineer Examination Part A
3rd class Marine Engineer Certificate of Competency
Computer and Internet: MS word and excel, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Static website development, Email, and Internet.
My various life & work experiences in different locations and environments, with peoples of different cultures give me willingness to listen to other ideas; and ability to understand the differences. I can work in multi national, multi cultural teams as well as independently. Having worked in engineering, administration, small business management, web development, communication and adventure travel fields and teaching, I believe in the benefit of constant learning, exchange and flow of information, and contribution of ones expertise and abilities adapted for given situation. I want to help make opportunity for both youngs and adults to explore and prepare for the different things, new things and unexpected things.
Work experiences

Oct 2008 to current (BC, Canada)

Private Tutoring
- Physics 11 & 12, First Year University & College Physics
- Mechanics (Statics & Dynamics), Thermodynamics, Strength of materials for 1st and 2nd years engineering students

- Precalculus 11 & 12
- Calculus 12, Calculus I & II, Differential & Integral Calculus
- Calculus III (Multivariable calculus), Vector calculus
- First course in ordinary differential equations
- Real analysis (introduction), linear algebra (introduction)

- Introductory Statistics
- Contracted tutor for Academic Advantage
- Contracted tutor for Club Z Tutoring (2008 & 2009)

 Oct 2008 to Nov 2010 (BC, Canada)
 - Wood working in a wooden structures builder
 - Wood and Metal shop work in a school furniture manufacturer

Oct 2000 to September 2008 (Thailand)
- Management & leading of nature/cultural travel

Teaching and training in the fields of
- Communication
- Geography, map reading and measurement
- Management of information

Teaching high school and college students the subjects:
- Mechanics: statics and dynamics
- Workshop technology - introduction (old technology)
- Marine engineering theory - general
- Marine diesel engines theory - general

Other works where I provided assistance:
- Producing small wind turbine machine drawings and manufacturing procedure
- Community development projects in the remote mountain villages, such as cleanliness & hygiene, basic education, employment

Oct 1998 to May 1999 (Thailand)
Technical assistant in a used construction equipment trading
- Planning and doing visual, engine start-up and mechanism inspection of various second hand heavy construction equipment
- Searching Internet for dealers, sellers and buyers worldwide
- Documentation and communication

Feb 1996 to July 1998 (Thailand)
Production/Project Engineer
Nature of jobs: fabrication and inspection of steel structures, pressure vessels, boilers, storage tanks

Responsibilities include
- Project and contract document control
- Assisting in the design and shop plans
- Schedule and work control
- Take part in the problem solving and meeting with clients and sub-contractors
- Design of templates, jigs and fixtures for special steps in inspection and fabrication
- Arrangement of transport and coordination with heavy transport operators
- Report writing

May 1995 to Sep 1995 (Singapore)
Mechanical Engineer assistant
- Project document control
- Bill of materials and plan
- Project scheduling and coordination
- Coordiantion with sub-contractors
- Engineering site supervision

May 1991 to Apr 1995 with two breaks (At sea)
Marine engineer onboard sea going vessels.
- Chemical tanker
- Container ship
- Car carrier

Dec 1986 to May 1991 (Myanmar)
Private Tutoring
- Math
- Physics
- Drawing & Engineering Mechanics (Statics & Dynamics)

Feb 1988 to Dec 1989 (Myanmar)
Apprentice Mechanic in a ship building and repair dock yard shops
Mainly on marine diesel engines repair and overhaul jobs

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