Places I live and work

Since 1990 I have been living overseas much more than at native home. In fact my home has been where I live.
In my first overseas years I worked onboard three different sea going ships: Chemical Tanker, Container Vessel, and Car Carrier.
With them I have travelled around the world but had not touched the land much.
After 5 years at sea my home was moved again back to the land.
Thus the last 16 years saw me living in Singapore, Thailand and Laos and finally in beautiful British Columbia of Canada. Wherever we live and work (on the planet Earth), we are all travelers in terms of space time in which our spacecraft (aka the Earth) moves. All of us just happen to come to live on the Earth and then have to leave. We explore, learn, make friends, build the so-called civilization, and leave everything to next generations or new comers. 
These pages show some snap shots of where I have been to in these 6 places. Unfortunately I don't have photos of the ships I worked on.
I searched on the Internet for their photos and found those of the last ship. These photos were taken while the car carrier capsized at north Pacific, somewhere on the border of BC and Alaska.  
15 July 2011