- Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (also called 'Burma' during the British colonial period: middle of 19th century to middle of 20th century) gets strange or no response at all from the people I met first time around the world. Most of them don't have any idea what is it and where is it. Few who knew it smiled and said 'Good to meet you.'
Like every other country in the world, Myanmar (Burma) has a long history of complex events in its space-time many of which have been lost to current generations.
"The river of lost foot steps" by Thant Myint U is a fairly good book about Myanmar as an introductory to understand general situations. The book contains the history of the country in a compact small volume. Its content is assumed as personal views of the author based on the accounts of his parents and grand parents and from the wealth of his reading and research.

Hike to snow capped Phangran Razi in Putao & stop over in Myitkyina, Kachin state, 8 - 20 Dec 2009

A scene of Bagan on Ayeyarwaddy river, middle of country
Monks doing maintenance works around their monastery compound, Bagan
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