Winter trip to SE Asia

Walking to a village in northern Laos

Small group winter trip in the north of Thailand (Nov to Feb): 
Multi-day jungle trek and hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river in Mae Hong Son province, north Thailand. Click this link to see the program details
What are there in the trips for you?
Unique cultural experiences
- minority peoples' life and work
- chance to communicate with them
- opportunity to create understanding between peoples of different lives
Unique natural experiences
- survival in tropical forest
- learn how local people live, survive, and their relationship with the mother nature
Photographic and life experiences
- lots of scenes and events to record on your camera and cam corder
- strange natural happenings; local ways of living & transporting, etc.
- local peoples life activities, and objects they create as facilities for living and working
Self development & knowledge/experience building
- all the above plus many more will create self development and strengthen & enlarge your experience and understanding
- multi-cultural understanding skills
Please click the below link to visit the Thailand based small local trip manager and operator:
  Salawin River - Thailand
A village on Mekong river bank (northern Laos)
Dining at a nice comfortable village lodge on Hinboun river (southern Laos)
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