On-line tutoring Physics & Math

Online tutoring is suitable if we can not meet. It saves time, other resources and environment as well.
However the lack of physical meeting between tutor and student means quite a lot.
To compensate for these losses I am constructing demonstrations, diagrams, and animations to explain the laws, concepts, thinking and problem solving.
With these it is possible to conduct online tutoring.
There will be three parts:
1) using real time chat
2) using emails
3) by Skype, on-line shared document such as Google document

Have a look at sample online document for Physics, and Math sheets to download.

Using the real time chat (for example google or yahoo chat) tutor and student discuss the matters. Tutor can send instructions and explanation to the students, and students can ask questions in real time basic. However these activities have limits. It is not like sitting across the table. So more communication is needed.
Email is used to convey messages to and fro. Tutor send questions and hints to the students. Students work to get to the answers and return to tutor for checking. Tutor also send constructed demonstrations, diagrams, and explanation by email. These diagrams and demonstrations can also be put on the webpages for the student to study.
Please contact me for more information about online tutoring.