Geography & Regional Related Project

30 Oct 2011

With disasters such as flooding, drought, cyclone, earth quake, heat wave and cold wave happening across the world the peoples of South East Asia are left with little preparation. Right now (September, October 2011) there are unusually widespread floods in central Thailand, flash flood in central Myanmar.

Learning of Geography and related subjects in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia have not been able to create sizable population with adequate knowledge and awareness for the environment. The peoples have been unprepared; most did not know what they needed to know or what they should ask for from whom in the case of such disaster.

There are plenty of resources on Geography, ecology, cartography, psychology, climate change, drought, cyclone, population study, disaster manuals, water, drinking water, etc. over the Internet. Now is the time we work on these education for everyone especially for those in need.

Project (1)

This is too general. Well, it is a starting point. Please do these activities by researching over the Internet and or using any other resources you have:

    • Define what we need to know

    • Find the related resources such as websites

    • Split the information into two directions:

      • creating a disaster manual which is easy to understand

      • long term education to use in schools and for general public

    • What disasters you will talk about for the region you live

    • Depending on where you live what should be the contents for disaster manual, and for long term education

    • Write some information about the place you live which is related to what we are discussing

    • Attached any data, graphic and text information, maps, etc.

    • Make a neat report with all the references