The New Town of York, MTCC 573, was built in 1981 and over the years many of the original plans, if we ever owned them, have been lost. Between 2009 and 2017 the Board has managed to replace most of them from the official records held at the Land Registry Office (we have all of these "Survey Plans", which are read in conjunction with the Declaration to show Unit Boundaries) and at Toronto City Hall (we now have all of the relevant 'as built' plans and schedules). It should be noted that the 'as built' plans are not completely accurate and do not, of course, deal with any changes subsequently made to the building. (An example is that the plans show that the dryer and kitchen vent stacks have clean-outs, these were not installed during construction but in 2009 the Corporation installed clean-outs to the six dryer vent stacks.)

The plans from the City should be read with caution but are, in general, accurate.

E plans are the electrical series

F plans are the foundation. footing and framing series

M plans are the mechanical series

P plans are the general series

R plan is outline of retail units - not fully reproduced here

S Survey plans - from Land Registry Office

SH are the shoring series

If you want to zoom to a particular area of a Plan (to get greater detail) it is suggested that you download a copy of that Plan and then use your Acrobat Reader to increase the size.

This 1915 photograph shows Taylor's Safe Works (at Front and Frederick) and you can see the "Flatiron Building" and the North and South St Lawrence Markets (The site of our building is, of course, between the Safe Works and the Market.) Until 1954 the North and South Market buildings were linked by a 'canopy' over Front Street. This is shown in more detail on the Highlights page.