The Declaration is the document that is officially registered in the Land Registry Office when the developer transfers a building to the owners and a Condominium Corporation is created. It has been described as the "constitution" of the Corporation and establishes basic matters such as where the building is located, information on the boundaries of the individual units and the common areas, how expenses are apportioned and how the Corporation's by-laws and rules are made and changed. Under the Condominium Act it is extremely difficult to make changes to the Declaration; changes require either 80% or 90% of the owners to vote in favour. Our Declaration is available below.

The document on the "Right of Way" below explains the pedestrian passageway to the east of our building - it used to belong to the City and must remain a public walkway. The official "Address for Service" of our Corporation - noted in the Declaration - is currently 235,Yorkland Blvd. Suite # 1001,Toronto, ON M2J 4Y8

Should you require a printable version of the Declaration and all the Schedules, there are TWO versions available for downloading, at bottom of this page. One is a scan of the original document and the second is a version prepared by scanning and OCR; the latter version is easier to search. Though care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the OCR copy, in all cases of discrepancy, the original document is paramount.

Photograph taken from Frederick Street looking west along Front Street. (The Royal Canadian Hotel was at the NW corner of Front Street and and George Street).

Photograph taken in 1895, the road in the foreground is George Street, the Royal Hotel (also seen in top photo) was at NW corner of Front and George. Note the 'canopy" that spanned Front Street from the north to the south St Lawrence Market buildings (removed in 1954). It appears that this photo was taken from the top of the J.J. Taylor Safe Works building, now 145 Front Street East, immediately east of the New Town of York.