Though many of the documents which the Board or the Property Manager distribute to Owners and Residents are of only transitory value, some may need to be referred to over a longer period of time. These, and some other factual information, can be accessed as pdf documents from the links below.

Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

The Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requires all Ontario 'businesses" to develop "Customer Services Plans". The Board of MTCC 573 approved our Plan in March 2012. A copy is available for download below, (AODA Policy)

Alteration & Renovation Guidelines

Renovations and alterations to residential Units at the New Town of York are governed by various Rules and official Alteration and Renovation Agreements must be completed by owners and approved by the Board before any work starts. The Agreement is on the Useful Forms page of this website. The Board has issued two short documents that attempts to explain these Agreements and our Rules to owners and contractors so that projects can go smoothly. The document "Rules for Contractors" should be brought to the attention of all Unit contractors. These documents are accessible from the link below.

The Corporation has most of the original plans of the building that can, sometimes, be helpful in locating ducts, pipes and cables. For additional details, please see PLANS, below.

Asbestos Survey

In 2008 we were required, by law, to have an asbestos survey of 135 George South. The quantities of asbestos found were negligible. A brief summary of the Report is available through the link below. A copy of the full survey Report is also accessible below.

Audited accounts

The audited accounts of our Corporation are presented to the Annual General Meeting each year by the Corporation's auditor. The accounts of the last few years are accessible below.


The Board approves the Budget each year, normally in January - our fiscal year starts March 1. The Budgets for the current and previous fiscal years are accessible from the links below.

Cable Contract

In 2007 the Board signed a seven-year cable contract with Rogers Cable for cable service to residential owners. Following strong owner support, this was renewed for a further 7 years effective May 1, 2014. The documents below explain which services are covered. Residents can, of course, subscribe to additional services and channels; the cost of the contracted service is part of the monthly condominium fee. Additional channels are billed separately to the resident - by Rogers.

Chimneys and Flues

In 1990 the Board obtained a legal opinion confirming that the owners of the 36 Units having fireplaces are responsible for maintaining these and the chimneys and flues associated with them. In 2011 it was determined that the existing flues were no longer up to Code and owners were given the option of either repairing or sealed them; after further investigation all were sealed by their owners. If a Unit owner wishes to reopen their flue they will require Board permission, an Agreement under section 98 of the Condominium Act and permission from owners 'vertically adjacent' to them. At present (2018) no flues have been reopened. Should a flue be reopened in the future the owner of a Unit with a working flue will be required to submit annual WETT inspection reports.

Enforcement of Rules etc.

Under the Condominium Act the Board must enforce the Declaration, By-Laws and Rules of our Corporation. Enforcement is, in general, based on owner or resident complaints or observation of behaviour (noise etc) that clearly affects other residents or the Corporation's property. The Board has adopted an enforcement policy, it can be downloaded from the link - Rule Enforcement - below.

Fire Safety Plan

Under the Fire Code all buildings like ours must have Fire Safety Plan. These Plans are filed with the Toronto Fire Service and are available to them in the large white FSP Box in the outer lobby. The Plan gives details of our emergency equipment and locations.

The Plan has sections of information for Residents and Occupants and these are accessible below.

Filming Policy

In May 2012 the Board approved a Filming Policy for MTCC 573; it was updated in March 2018. The policy can be found below.

Garbage and Recycling

As the City charges to collect garbage but does not charge for pick-up of recycling, organic waste or bulk items, residents are STRONGLY urged to try to reduce the garbage put down the chutes. The lists of materials which can be accepted for recycling change over time and are posted in the garbage chute rooms on each floor and can be found on the City website. To help residents we have prepared a "garbage guide", see below.

Insurance Certificate

The Corporation is responsible for insuring the Common Elements and some other things, our annual insurance certificate can be accessed below. The valuation of the building is monitored by a property valuation company and changes annually.

Investment Plan

Under the Condominium Act the Corporation should have a written 'investment plan'. Ours is available from the link below.

Moving in and out

This document consolidates information about moving in or out of our building.

New owners or tenants

Under the Condominium Act the Corporation must maintain a Register of owners and, for emergency purposes, the Corporation must know who is actually residing in the building. In addition, it is MTCC 573 policy to use email as much as possible and we will only use email to communicate building updates to owners and tenants.

In order to send official communications (e.g. notices for the Corporation's AGM and about the annual budget) by email the owner must give consent in writing. The Secretary of MTCC 573 thus contacts all new owners and asks for this consent, the responses are filed in the appropriate Unit file. Currently (2020) all 52 owners have agreed to accept only email communications.

Periodic Information Certificate (PIC)

Under the Condominium Act a Corporation must send a minimum of two PICs a year. One after the 1st Quarter of the fiscal year and one after the 3rd. The most recent PIC (plus any Updates) that have been sent to owners at MTCC 573 can be found below; the other mandatory documents (latest annual budget and current Insurance Certificate) are also available from links below.

Plans of our Building

The Corporation has a complete set of "Survey Plans" of our building. These are registered in the Land Registry Office and show Unit Boundaries, they are used in conjunction with the written description in the Declaration. We also have most of the 'as built' plans from the City of Toronto but it should be noted that they do not always reflect what was actually built! (For example, the dryer stacks were not built with clean-out access.) None deal with subsequent changes. All the plans that we own have been scanned as pdf files and can be consulted HERE

Privacy Policy

The Corporation has a written privacy policy concerning our use of any personal information that we collect: (Privacy Policy for the Collection, Use, Disclosure and Security of Personal Information). A copy is available from the link below.

Reserve Fund Study

Under the Condominium Act every condominium corporation must have a Reserve Fund Study conducted by a qualified person; these studies need to be updated at least every three years. A summary of our most recent Study is available through the link below.

Right of way and transfer of land

In the Declaration of MTCC 573, "Schedule A, Description of land", there is reference to a Right of Way over our property. This is connected to the passageway that runs on the east side of our building between Front Street East and Taylor's Wharf Lane. The legal document concerning this, it is registered under the Land Titles Act, is available through the link below. In essence it says that this walkway must remain a public pedestrian passageway; now commonly described as a POPS (Privately Owned Publicly-accessible Space) . The Declaration also mentions City By-Law 1977-0432; this was passed to transfer ownership of a strip of land on George Street and this is the land under the immediate west of our building. The plans, at the end of the by-law, are interesting as they show the location of the water of Lake Ontario and the top of the bank of the lake BEFORE the area was land-filled. The water would have reached to about our garage door and the bank was just south of Front Street. The By-Law can be downloaded from the link below (Toronto By-law 1977-0432). This by-law was, slightly, amended by Toronto By-Law 1977-0576 - also attached.

Sales brochures

In 1981, when Units at the New Town of York were initially being sold, the developer produced brochures for each type of Unit (01-06) and an outline of the Commercial Unit. These original sales brochures, which describe the options available, are available from the links below. There is also a 1979 pre-sales 'advertorial' article from the Toronto Star about the planned building reproduced on the Introduction page of this website.

Unit access policy

In 2017 the Board documented our Unit access and Unit key security policy, it is available below - Security and Unit Keys.

Unit size

The total size of our building is approximately 119,000 sq ft and the size and layout of residential Units at the New Town of York varies. The size of Units is not consistently stated in documents, such as those from realtors and the figures can include or exclude 'non-usable space' inside Units (such things as the plumbing and ventilation shafts.)

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), who determine the property values for real estate taxes in Ontario, give the following square footage and these are probably definitive. According to MPAC the 01 set is 1331 sq ft, the 02 set is 1472 sq ft, the 03 set is 1589 sq ft, the 04 set is 1619 sq ft, the 05 set is 1620 sq ft and the 06 set is 1295 sq ft. In the initial sales brochures (see copies below) for the New Town York the sizes were given as: 01 set 1221 sq ft, 02 set 1407 sq ft, 03 set 1523 sq ft, 04 set 1535 sq ft, 05 set 1491 sq ft and 06 set 1195 sq ft. Based on the MPAC figures, the average size of a Unit is about 1480 sq ft but it should be noted that the monthly maintenance fees for the 51 residential units at MTCC 573 are standard and are not based on square footage. The commercial unit pays a higher percentage of the budget.

All Units except the 06 "set" were built with two bedrooms and, though there are minor variations, Unit layouts are fairly standardised for each "set" of Units. We list below, as pdf files, the standard layouts from the initial sales brochures. It should be noted that only the Units on floors 5-10 have fireplaces, the size of which increases as one gets higher in the building, due to the increased number of flues passing through the Unit. (These flues remain, though all fireplaces and flues have been sealed since 2011 because they failed to pass WETT inspections.)

The area (in square feet) quoted for the Commercial Unit - which is sub-divided into 5 units - vary between the Sales Brochure (see above) to the architectural plans. The Brochure says A=1269, B=1002, C=1460, D=1306 and E=1305. The architectural plans say A=1231, B=951, C=11407 D=1289 and E=1167. The architectural plans also note that the areas under the arcade along Front Street for each as: A=257, B=180, C=180, D=180 and E=245. Until 2010 Units D and E had been merged (as a convenience store) but in 2010, the commercial owner reduced size of convenience store to approximately Unit E and merged Units C and D into one Unit (then leased to a pet food store.)

Water damage and leak procedure

Leaks of one sort or another are an unfortunate fact of life in high-rise buildings and they can originate from common element pipes and equipment or Unit pipes and equipment. No matter where they originate, it is important to react to them quickly to minimise damage and the Corporation therefore normally takes charge of the initial response. The document below outlines our policy and procedures and explains how any repair costs are apportioned.

Windows - see also Windows in A-Z section of this website

MTCC 573 is rather unusual among condominium corporations in Toronto in that both the repair and maintenance of exterior Unit windows (both glass and frames) is the responsibility of owners not the Corporation. In 2005, in order to clarify this matter, the Board sought a legal opinion and the summary of it is available through the link below.

In late 2016 and early 2017 the Board discussed windows with our current lawyers, Lash Condo Law. The Windows 2017 document (2018 update available below) was sent to all owners, it outlines the issues involved and the decisions that were reached. (The document was revised in 2018, following the 2017 Reserve Fund Study, as this Study estimated that window replacement will now be necessary one year later (in 2027/2028). The date of frame replacement may change again following subsequent Reserve Fund Studies and actual experience.)

Workplace violence, harassment and discrimination policy.

Under various Ontario statutes the Corporation is obliged to have a "Workplace Violence, Harassment and Discrimination Policy"; the Board adopted one in November 2015, it can be accessed below.


The government of Ontario has a website that answers some common questions about condominiums.


Additional information is available on the site of the Condominium Authority of Ontario.

Looking west along Front Street from slightly east of the New Town of York, probably taken from near the J & J Taylor Safe Works at Front and Frederick Streets. The photograph dates from between 1890 and 1920 - when the railway tracks were elevated and moved slightly further south. The white building on the right, at the NW corner of Front Street and George Street, is the Royal Canadian Hotel, seen again in the photograph on the "Links" page. The large building running south of Front Street on the west side of George Street is the warehouse of John Hallam (1833-1900) who dealt in hides, sheepskins, wool and leather. Hallam was a Toronto Alderman and a strong supporter of public libraries.

This is Toronto (Canada West) in 1854, two years before the railway arrived. The broad street is Front Street, then called Palace Street, and you can see St James Cathedral and St Lawrence Hall.

The painter (Edwin Whitefield) was apparently on the jail roof at Front and Berkeley. This was formerly the site of the First Parliament building and then the site of the City Jail. Taylor's Wharf is the second closest wharf and was at the foot of Frederick and George Streets.

By comparison, the painting below by Elizabeth Hale dates from 1804 and is facing east. The white building in the foreground is, it is said, Cooper's Coffee House that was on Jarvis Street just north of what is now Front Street. This picture was apparently based on one by Edward Walsh painted in 1803. Available at: