Under the Condominium Act each Condominium Corporation is required to have by-laws to ensure it is operated for the benefit of all owners. By-laws cannot override the Declaration or the Act. Once adopted by the Corporation, by-laws are registered in the Land Registry Office. The Act lays down many of the matters that must be covered by the by-laws and under the Act, by-laws can be adopted, repealed or amended, by the Board, only if any change is confirmed by a majority of the owners (in our case 27), voting at a properly constituted meeting.

MTCC 573 currently has three by-laws

  • By-Law 5 The General by-law. The unit owners approved this By-law in June 2004 and it repealed the previous By-laws 1-4, which had existed since the Corporation was formed in 1982. By-law 5 deals with the election and size of the Board of Directors, Directors’ duties, owners’ meetings, the assessment and collection of common expenses, occupancy standards and other basic matters. It was necessary to adopt By-law #5 and repeal By-laws 1-4 due to requirements in the 'new' Condominium Act.
  • By-Law 6 The Standard Unit by-law. This By-law was approved by unit owners in June 2008 and describes the “standard unit”. If a damage or insurance claim involves the Corporation, the Corporation is responsible for returning a unit to this condition. (It should be stressed that owners should, in addition to personal property insurance, have their own insurance to cover all upgrades that have been made to their unit over and above this standard.)
  • By-Law 7 The Telecommunications by-law This by-law was approved by the owners in June 2017 and specifically allows the Board to sign telecommunications agreements, to charge only the owners who receive the service and not to necessarily allocate the costs in the percentages laid down in the Declaration.

If you want to print a copy of the By-Laws it is suggested that you download it (links below pictures) and then print.

The scanned versions of General By-Law # 5 and Standard Unit By-Law 6 below are easier to search and check but were produced by scanning and OCR. Both have been carefully proof-read but may have errors. The "original" PDF versions are definitive.

Toronto Port Authority Archives. (PC 1/1/806). Photor: Arthur Beales. October 16, 1915. The Safe Works Building is now 145 Front Street East. Until the mid 1950's the St Lawrence Market (in foreground) included a covered portion over Front Street.

Front Street looking east from George Street. 20 August 1927.