YARRA VALLEY CLIMATE ACTION GROUP wants 100% renewable energy by 2020 & 300 ppm CO2

The Melbourne, Australia-based Yarra Valley Climate Action Group (YVCAG) is a Climate Action Group of concerned citizens based in the beautiful Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Australia. The  Yarra Valley Climate Action Group (YVCAG) is composed of citizens from various walks of life who are deeply concerned about the threat to Humanity and the Biosphere in general  from man-made global warming arising from greenhouse gas pollution.The YVCAG attempts through a variety of creative actions to INFORM others about the Climate Emergency and Sustainability Emergency  facing the Planet and to suggest sensible, workable and timely SOLUTIONS to fellow citizens, including Government at the Local, State and Federal level. The YVCAG has linked itself  with a national Australian umbrella association, the Climate Emergency Network (CEN), with which many other Australian Climate Action Groups are now associated (see:   http://sites.google.com/site/yarravalleyclimateactiongroup/ ; for nmuerous carefully researched and documented review articles about the climate emergency and its solutions see:

http://sites.google.com/site/yarravalleyclimateactiongroup/system/app/pages/sitemap/hierarchy ).

The Melbourne-based Yarra Valley Climate Action Group (YVCAG: see: http://sites.google.com/site/yarravalleyclimateactiongroup/Home ) supoported the The Australian Climate Action Summit in Canberra, Australia, 31 January – 2 February 2009, involving over 140 community Climate Action Groups (CAGs), which  resolved to campaign nationally for 100% renewable energy by 2020, for a goal of 300ppm CO2 in the atmosphere and against the pro-coal Australian Government carbon Trading ETS that will increase Australia’s huge Domestic and Exported carbon pollution (while being called a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, or CPRS) (see Greenlivingpedia: http://greenlivingpedia.org/Australian_climate_action_summit_2009 ).

According to Greenlivingpedia, 2009: “The united Community Climate Action Groups will campaign for outcomes on these objectives: Prevent the CPRS [Australia’s proposed pro-coal Carbon Trading Emissions Trading Scheme]  from becoming law as it will fail to make emission cuts necessary to stop the climate emergency.  Build community-wide action to demand green jobs, a just transition for industry workers and 100% renewable energy by 2020. Aim for stabilisation at 300ppm CO2 in the atmosphere and strong international agreement in line with what science and global justice demands.” [1].

[1]. Greenlivingpedia, “Australian Climate Action Summit 2009”: http://greenlivingpedia.org/Australian_climate_action_summit_2009 .