AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY, location of Australia’s capital city Canberra: 100% renewable energy by 2020

Energy Matters reports that the Australian Capital Territory (the ACT; location of Australia’s capital city Canberra) is aiming for 90% renewable energy by 2020 (2012): “The ACT Government has set a goal of 90% of the Territory's electricity being sourced from renewables by 2020. The Government has also set the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets in Australia, committing to a goal of zero net emissions by 2060 and a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2020.
An updated paper detailing the plans, Weathering the Change - ACT Climate Change Strategy 2007 - 2025, details 18 actions to be undertaken. Among them is an increased focus on renewables; including wind and solar power” (Energy Matters, “Canberra shooting for 90% renewable energy by  2020”, Energy Matters, 19 September 2012: ).

ACT Government (2016):The ACT Government has announced an increase in its renewable energy target from 90% to 100% by the year 2020.

For Canberrans this will mean:

 - all electricity will be delivered using renewable energy by 2020
 - clean power from wind and solar sources
 - jobs and economic benefits stemming from $400 million in local investment to bring jobs and economic benefits” (ACT Government, “100% renewable energy for Canberra by 2020”, 20 October 2016: ).