SOCIALIST ALLIANCE, AUSTRALIA: 100% renewable energy by 2020

The Socialist Alliance (SA) of Australia is an electoral coalition of several Australian socialist groups (see: ) .

David White,
SA national environment spokesperson and Dick Nichols is a national convener of SA, interviewed by Green Left Weekly, 24 January 2009: "David White: Firstly, it must recognise that the urgency of the climate crisis means we need to reduce atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide to 300-325 parts per million as quickly as possible. Secondly, it must guarantee and maintain employment, living standards and retraining for affected workers and communities. And lastly, it’s crucial that the economic burden of developing national sustainable energy infrastructure is shared equitably. Dick Nichols: It has to be a real policy, able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the sector by 8-10% a year. SA supports the Al Gore position of 100% renewables in 10 years. That means that the federal government’s Expanded National Renewable Energy Target of 20% by 2020, which is causing much angst in corporate Australia, is completely inadequate." [1].

[1]. Simon Butler interviews Socialist Alliance activists David White and Dick Nichols , “100% renewable energy - how do we get there?”, Green Left Weekly, 24 January, 2009: .