TOKELAU leader pushes for 100% solar energy by 2010

Tokelau is a non-self governing Pacific island territory of New Zealand with an area of 10 square kilometres and a  population of 1,400. It is highly susceptible to the consequences of man-made climate change, in particular from sea level rise and hurricanes (such as Cyclone Percy that devastated Tokelau islands in  2005)  (see Wikipedia: ).

Tokelau leader Foua Toloa, 2009: “I have been pushing the issue of one hundred per cent solar, so by February next year we’ll try to beat every nation in the world to become the first country to be energy renewable completely run by solar and a little bit of coconut nut oil.” [1].

[1]. Tokelau’s leader pushes for 100% per cent solar power”, Radio New Zealand International, 23 July 2009: .