FIJI, TONGA & TUVALU PACIFIC ISLAND NATIONS plan for 100% renewable energy including transportation by 2013

Partners in a scheme for 100%renewable energy, including transportation, for Island Nations by 2013 include Governments of Fiji (Office for Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies (OPRET)), Government of Tonga (Department of Energy) and  Government of Tuvalu (Ministry of Works and Energy); the UN Systems include Small Island Developing States (SIDS) at United Nations Division for Sustainable Development (DSD) (United States of America); the major groups involved are Forum for Renewable Energy Islands (FREI) (Denmark) Folkcenter for Renewable Energy (Denmark) ISEP - Institute for Strategic Energy Planning (Japan) Arrakis (Netherlands) and Climate Institute (United States of America); plus SOPAC - South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (Fiji). [1]

[1]. “!00% renewable energy islands”, Partnerships for Sustainable Development, 2004: .