Title : Conditional and Unconditional Mean Response Time of M/GI/N Queueing Systems

Author: Harro L. Hartmann

Short Description:

The conditional mean response time subject to (s.t.) an arbitrary selected test customer's service time provides a significant performance measure for different queueing architectures. The author investigates M/GI/N first-come-first-served (FCFS) feedforward (FF) and processor sharing (PS) architectures s.t. an equal total processing capacity Nµ. This capacity may be provided either by N separate low speed processors or more timely by one high speed processor only. We will see that the unconditional mean response times of the FF and strict sense PS architecture don't differ from an ordinary M/M/N queueing system but their conditional mean response times differ significantly. Therefore confusions may occur within any unspecified usage of the term mean response time.


    • M/GI/N queueing systems

    • M/GI/N round-robin and processor sharing Systems

    • conditional and unconditional mean response times

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