Extension Activities

Self-Management | Grades K-3

Learning Goal 2: Demonstrates the skills to set, monitor, adapt, achieve, and evaluate goals.

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Benchmark 1: Identify personal goals with assistance from an adult.

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Have students create a personal goal, hope or dream for the school year and display them in the classroom along with the steps they will need to take to reach it – a stairway activity.

Benchmark 2: Monitor progress towards personal goals with assistance from an adult.

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Celebrate each step accomplished with a stairway activity.

Benchmark 3: Describe and implement simple steps necessary to achieve short-term goals.

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Students are presented with a community or school need, and students identify a personal asset that would help address the need.

Benchmark 4: Identify personal resources to achieve goals.

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As part of a simple class project, e.g., a community service project, or anytime students are working on a goal, routinely brainstorm simple resources students can use to achieve their goal. Develop dialoguing questions about goals such as “What is our goal? What are the steps it will take to achieve our goal? What are some of the things that might make it hard for us to achieve our goal? What are some resources we have to help us achieve our goal? Who can we ask for help? How will we celebrate when we’re done?”

Benchmark 5: Demonstrate the ability to receive and act on feedback.

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Take it further — integrate!

Talk about how we can be respectful and listen when we receive feedback. Provide authentic feedback when students receive feedback well and when they act on it. For example, I saw the way you listened respectfully just now. I can tell you’re thinking about ways you can do better next time. What are you thinking you might do differently? What’s something you could do right now to make the situation better?”