Extension Activities

Self-Awareness | Grades K-3

Learning Goal 3: Demonstrates awareness of personal rights and responsibilities.

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Benchmark 1: Describe what it feels like to feel safe and respected.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Using school or classroom expectations, model and have children demonstrate responsible use and care of their own and others’ belongings. Ask them how it feels when everyone respects each other and the classroom.

  • Establish school and classroom expectations using the rights and responsibilities concept, e.g., “I have the responsibility to play safely at recess; I have the right to not be injured while playing at recess.”

  • Work with students to create positively stated, simple rules for the classroom. One example is “we listen respectfully when others are speaking.”

Benchmark 2: Explain positive and negative consequences for their choices and actions.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Engage students authentically in decision- and choice- making on policies such as classroom rules, school codes of conduct, and bullying and harassment policies and reporting/investigation protocols.

  • Anytime students face a choice or decision, ask dialoguing questions that help them reflect on the consequences for each of the possible choices. For example, “If we do that next, what will happen?”

Benchmark 3: Demonstrate responsibility in taking care of their own belongings.

Take it further — integrate!

Using school or classroom expectations, have children demonstrate ways to assert their right to feel respected by adults and classmates.

Benchmark 4: Demonstrate responsibility when using others’ belongings, e.g. asking permission and taking care of the belongings.

Take it further — integrate!

Routinely provide authentic feedback and ask students dialoguing questions that encourage them to reflect on how demonstrating responsibility is effective. E.g., “I saw the way you asked if you could use her marker and then returned it when you were done. Do you think she’ll be willing to let you use things once in a while when you need to in the future? Why?”