Extension Activities

Relationship Skills | Grades K-3

Learning Goal 2: Cultivates constructive relationships with others.

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Benchmark 1: Recognize how various relationships are different.

  • A Sick Day for Amos McGee (Buy)

  • Don't Hug Doug: He Doesn't Like It (Buy)

  • My Brother Charlie (Buy)

  • Personal Space Camp (Buy)

  • Strictly No Elephants (Buy)

Take it further — integrate!

Students draw a picture of the various people in their lives. Ask students to present their picture and describe their relationship with the person pictured in small groups or to the whole class.

Benchmark 2: Identify the qualities others, such as friends, have that you would like to see in yourself.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Lead a discussion about what makes a “good friend.”

  • Routinely ask students to reflect on when they are being a good friend to others.

  • Ask students to create art projects or write simple essays about how they show they are a good friend.

  • Routinely provide authentic feedback when you see students being a good friend to others by showing kindness, sharing, waiting their turn or inviting others to join.

Benchmark 3: Demonstrate ability to develop positive peer relationships based on shared activities/interests.

Take it further — integrate!

  • At recess, develop team- building strategies that increase play.

  • Book buddies with an older grade.