Extension Activities

Social Awareness | Grades 6-8

Learning Goal 2: Demonstrates awareness and respect of groups and their cultures, languages, identities, traditions, values, and histories.

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Benchmark 1: Analyze how people of different groups can help one another and show appreciation for one another.

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Implement a social studies curriculum such as “Facing History and Ourselves” or “Teaching Tolerance,” to promote cultural awareness and respect for others.

Benchmark 2: Describe ways that communities and cultures are similar and different.

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Use cooperative learning and project-based learning to build diverse working groups.

Benchmark 3: Recognize how similarities and differences in cultural norms and social cues affect the way people interact.

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Teach a unit on media literacy and have students analyze media to identify who is being featured in commercials, shows, etc., and whether the people featured are reinforcing positive or negative stereotyping.

Benchmark 4: Explain how decisions and behaviors of individuals affect the well-being of schools or communities.

Take it further — integrate!

Students draw an “impact web” of how their actions could potentially affect others, or how a historical figure’s actions affected society.