Extension Activities

Social Awareness | Grades 6-8

Learning Goal 1: Demonstrates awareness of and empathy for individuals, their emotions, experiences, and perspectives through a cross-cultural lens.

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Benchmark 1: Analyze how their behavior affects the emotions of others, and determine ways to adjust accordingly.

Take it further — integrate!

Have students journal or write a piece of narrative nonfiction about a time when their behavior had a positive or negative impact on someone they cared about or their community.

Benchmark 2: Summarize another’s point of view.

Take it further — integrate!

This summary can be done when students are using academic language to debate an issue or discuss different solutions to math problems. Then include an activity where students summarize the opposing point of view.

Benchmark 3: Predict others’ feelings and perspectives in a variety of situations.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Students write alternate endings to stories by changing the behavior of one character.

  • Have students write scenarios and then share the scenarios with peers, who will predict how each character might feel and why.

Benchmark 4: Recognize the factors that impact how they are perceived by others.

Take it further — integrate!

Show video clips, such as Kid President clips on social issues, to help understand and learn social cues.