Extension Activities

Self-Management | Grades 6-8

Learning Goal 2: Demonstrates the skills to set, monitor, adapt, achieve, and evaluate goals.

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Benchmark 1: Connect goal-setting skills to academic, personal, and civic success.

Take it further — integrate!

Create individual and group goal projects that allow students to work on academic, personal, or civic goals. Help them set up ways to monitor their progress, and develop routines for them to reflect each day or week on their progress.

Benchmark 2: Monitor progress towards goals and adjust steps as needed.

Take it further — integrate!

School-wide celebration of students who are actively participating in goal-achieving programs.

Benchmark 3: Demonstrate the ability to balance and prioritize multiple goals.

Take it further — integrate!

Create a group writing project or science project – including project-based learning activities – to provide students with practice in balancing and prioritizing multiple goals that are associated with completion of any project.

Benchmark 4: Utilize internal and external resources to help achieve goals.

Take it further — integrate!

Students are involved in a college/career access program at their school that helps build connections to academic planning, goal-setting, future aspirations and how to utilize resources.

Benchmark 5: Demonstrate the ability to filter feedback from adults and peers.

Take it further — integrate!

During a group experiment or writing project, ask students to ask adults and peers for feedback. Ask students to work in small groups to review the feedback and decide what feedback is helpful.