Extension Activities

Self-Management | Grades 6-8

Learning Goal 1: Demonstrates the skills to manage and express their emotions, thoughts, impulses, and stress in effective ways.

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Benchmark 1: Apply strategies to manage stress.

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  • Discuss how students handle their stressors. Ask students to reflect on scenarios when they had a desired outcome versus non-desired outcome.

  • Lead age-appropriate class discussion about how emotions can improve by changing our behavior. For example, “What can we do to make ourselves feel better when we’re feeling sad?” “Go to a caregiver for a hug,” “Listen to happy music,” “Dance to up music,” “Speak to a friend about the situation,” “Do something nice for someone else.”

Benchmark 2: Reflect on the positive and negative consequences of expressing their emotions in different situations and contexts.

Take it further — integrate!

Discuss ways that students can effectively and assertively advocate for themselves in different situations.

Benchmark 3: Evaluate the role attitudes play in being successful.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Share your own story about times your attitude affected your success when you were a student, or as a teacher.

  • Provide authentic feedback when you notice students showing a positive attitude. For example, “I know this math problem is challenging, but I like your attitude. You’re really sticking with it, and you’re not getting discouraged.”

Benchmark 4: Evaluate how ethical values such as honesty, respect, and integrity contribute to lifelong success and relationship building.

Take it further — integrate!

Ask students to respond to journal prompts that ask them to think about how their ethical values contribute to success or relationships. For example, “What are my values, and how do they make me a better friend? How will my values contribute to my success in school, my success in college, my success in the future...?”

Benchmark 5: Apply strategies to motivate successful performance (perseverance).

Take it further — integrate!

Students develop a graphic organizer that compares and contrasts ways to express behavior and outcomes.