Extension Activities

Self-Awareness | Grades 6-8

Learning Goal 1: Demonstrates an awareness and understanding of own emotions.

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Benchmark 1: Recognize the importance of complex emotions, such as an indicator of a situation that needs attention.

Take it further — integrate!

  • During testing and other high- stress periods, lead class discussions about the importance of self-care, such as taking breaks, pacing yourself, breathing deeply, and exercising. When students face challenging situations in math classes or with difficult lab experiments, or they appear to be under stress, routinely ask questions that help them identify their feelings, such as, “how are you feeling about this?”; “What do you need to do to handle this situation?”; “What are you doing to take care of yourself?”

  • Have students identify moments where characters in the literature they are reading experience complex emotions. Discuss what these emotions are and why – using evidence from the text and inference – the character might be having the emotions and what they could do to resolve them.

Benchmark 2: Analyze their emotional states that contribute to or detract from their ability to problem-solve.

Take it further — integrate!

In pairs or in small groups, ask students to share or reflect and write a response to journal prompts about a time they had a problem, and how emotions such as anxiety, anger, or fear may have made it more difficult to solve the problem. Make the point that it’s easier to make a good decision or solve a problem when we’re calm.

Benchmark 3: Assess emotional reactions in different contexts, such as face-to- face or through electronic communication.

Take it further — integrate!

In pairs or small groups, ask students to share or to reflect and write in response to journal prompts about how their emotions may be more or less strong in different situations with other people, e.g., face-to-face interactions, phone conversations, in text messages or other electronic communication.