Extension Activities

Relationship Skills | Grades 6-8

Learning Goal 3: Identifies and demonstrates approaches to addressing interpersonal conflict.

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Benchmark 1: Reflect on their role in conflict.

Take it further — integrate!

Ask to reflect and write about a conflict situation and how they acted and the response. What could they have done differently to get a positive result?

Benchmark 2: Identify how all parties in conflict might get their needs met – a win-win situation.

Take it further — integrate!

Teach conflict resolution skills. Develop a peer mentoring or conflict resolution program.

Benchmark 3: Apply conflict resolution skills to de-escalate, defuse, and resolve differences.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Teach a lesson that introduces various types of conflict resolution.

  • Choose a conflict resolution formula to use any time students have a conflict.

  • Routinely encourage students to use the conflict resolution strategy and provide authentic feedback when they do.

Benchmark 4: Identify positive support people to seek out in a conflict situation.

Take it further — integrate!

Ask students to develop a list of supports in and out of school. Ask them to write about the people they can seek out when they face a conflict.