Extension Activities

Social Awareness | Grades 4-5

Learning Goal 4: Demonstrates awareness of external supports and when supports are needed.

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Benchmark 1: Recognize qualities of positive peer and adult role models.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Ask students to respond to a journal prompt or write an essay about traits of role models.

  • Students list and describe adult relationships they have.

Benchmark 2: Distinguish situations when students need support versus when they don’t.

Take it further — integrate!

Lead a discussion about the types of situations where students may need help. Have students create two lists. In one list, have them write situations when we may need support. In the other list, write situations where we can handle it on our own. For each item on the “situations that we need support” list, include a discussion of how and who to ask for help.

Benchmark 3: Explain how family members, peers, school personnel, and community members can support school success and responsible behavior.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Have students visit school support staff, such as a nurse, counselor or mediators, to find out what services they provide.

  • Ask students to respond to journal prompt about whom they ask for help.

  • Ask students to write an article about helpful people in the school, and post it on the bulletin board.