Extension Activities

Social Awareness | Grades 4-5

Learning Goal 2: Demonstrates awareness and respect of groups and their cultures, languages, identities, traditions, values, and histories.

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Benchmark 1: Describe benefits of personal qualities of others and why everyone shouldn’t be the same.

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  • Activities could include leveraging living museums or storytelling from community members and parents/families who represent the entire school community. Audit to gather student feedback on their learning activities.

  • Ask students to interview members of their family and write reports about the qualities of people who have improved the lives of others.

Benchmark 2: Offer alternative ways for addressing conflict or differences of opinions with peers.

Take it further — integrate!

When selecting, developing, preparing and delivering their own curricula, educators should modify the curricula to critique and redress issues of privilege and bias, e.g., sexism, ageism, ableism, racism, and heteronormative stereotypes.

Benchmark 3: Identify contributions of various social and cultural groups.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Create assignments to explore other cultures, traditions, languages and history.

  • Invite families to come to social studies to share about individuals who have made a difference in their community.

Benchmark 4: Define and recognize examples of stereotyping, discrimination, and prejudice.

Take it further — integrate!

Celebrate historical figures and characters who resisted stereotypes or worked to promote justice and equality for others.